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Connect with brands and get paid to post.

Connect with the brands you love.

Make money doing it.

Want to post on Instagram and get free products like an influencer? Or tell brands what you really think? Heartbeat lets you do that and so much more. You just discovered your new favorite obsession.

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So what does a Heartbeat Ambassador do?

Answer Survey Questions
Our surveys are super fun, and they help the brands you love learn more about you!
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Get Paid to Post on Insta
Receive money or free products just for posting on your Insta about things you genuinely love.
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Receive Exclusive Offers
Get exclusive access to new products and promos from your favorite brands.
Get brand perks
Connect with up-and-coming brands!
“I love Heartbeat because it connects me with up-and-coming brands that I get to share with my followers!”

Kat, HBT Ambassador since 2017
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What's Next
Sign Up
Sign up to become a Heartbeat Ambassador. We promise the process is short and sweet. Oh, and don't forget to download the app!
Complete Your Profile
After signing up, head over to your profile to make sure everything checks out. If you're interested in posting for brands, be sure to link your PayPal so you can make that money!
Explore your Discover Feed
Check out your feed to apply for campaigns, take surveys and get access to exclusive promos.
Answer Survey Questions
Let your voice be heard! Tell your favorite brands how you really feel.
Post and Get Paid
If you download the app and post on Instagram about your excitement to join Heartbeat, we'll send you $5. Thats it. No strings. No hooks. Just results!
Follow Brands (Coming Soon!)
By following a brand, you're joining their community. This means you'll be able to see any content they create and apply to their campaigns. Yep, that means free stuff!
Try new exclusive products!
“Heartbeat has given me the opportunity to promote unique brands while giving my honest opinion and trying brand new products! Win-win for all!”

Katie, HBT Ambassador since 2016

Asked Questions.


How does Heartbeat work?

When you sign up to be a Heartbeat Ambassador, you'll fill out your profile to tell us about yourself. Our technology will match you with campaigns from businesses you already love, or ones we think you'd like. A campaign means brands are looking for people like you to post about their products on your Instagram account.

We'll either send you an application email, or you can browse your Discover page in the Heartbeat App to see all the campaigns we think you'd like.

Most campaigns include a simple task like posting on your Instagram about a new product and including specific hashtags or @tags. (Don't worry, if you're picked for a campaign, we'll send you all the deets you need). Once you complete a campaign and submit your post to our system, you'll be paid within 5-7 business days via PayPal.

Basically, we pay you cold hard cash or send you free product to post about the brands you love!

This seems too easy. Is this for real?

We’re 100% real! We want to reward people for posting about things they love. We believe that YOU have just as much influence as any blogger or “influencer,” regardless of how many followers you have.

How much do I get paid?

It varies from person to person! We factor a lot of things into this rate, but don't worry, you can always improve it! Log in to the app and go to your Dashboard to see your pay rate. If you have more questions, check out the How Do You Get Paid? article in Heartbeat University.

Is this just for women?

No way! Men are welcome to both sign up and participate. Currently, most of our campaigns are geared toward women, but you can absolutely sign up. We should have more offerings for men in the future.

Can I sign up with a private Instagram?

You will have to temporarily make your account public during the sign up process. However, once you’re signed up you can make it private again right away.

Please keep in mind: we have fewer campaigns available for private accounts!

How do you keep my info secure?

Unlike other platforms, at Heartbeat we are all about transparency. You will always have the opportunity to opt-in to participate with brands you love.


Check out Heartbeat University for tips and tricks on being a HBT Ambassador.

We have your best interests at heart.
We believe in the power of the voices of real, everyday people.
We want you to know you can trust us. Share as much information about yourself as you like, and we’ll provide you with great offers to work with the brands you love. We’re out to prove that brands shouldn’t just be paying celebrities for their marketing - they should be paying you! Join us as we change the face of modern marketing. You don't need a million followers to have influence, your heart just needs to be in the right place. 
Become part of a community!
“Heartbeat has not only given me the opportunity to work with brands that align with who I am, but has also given me a sense of community with the other influencers!”

Sarah, HBT Ambassador since 2015