How to Get Better at Instagram

Is Instagram a skill? Well, technically, maybe not. It's pretty simple to take photos and post them on your profile - just about anyone can do that. But those who use Instagram a lot know that there are definitely ways to improve - to hone your technique - which can result in more likes and also more fun. If you're going to spend time on an app, why not get good at it? Here at Heartbeat, we have lots of data on what makes a post "good." We study how many likes a post receives, what the content looks like, and even what hashtags people use, to determine if a post is "successful." Here are few facts about what we have learned. Hopefully, these can help you too! 

1. Be Authentic.

It's incredibly important to be yourself on social media. It might seem like everyone out there is living a life that's more exciting than yours, but we've found that the best posts are the ones that are the real representations of who YOU are. So if you're not jet-setting around the globe or eating at the best restaurants every night, that's ok! The Instagrammers who really get the best engagements (likes, posts, comments) are the ones with real friends, and your real friends want to you what you are really up to, not some glamorous lie. 

2. Think About The Background

You do not have to be a great photographer to be great at Instagram, but there are a few small tricks you can use that can make your posts look absolutely professional. One easy one is to just think about what your background is. Heartbeat finds that photos with textured backgrounds, instead of boring white walls, get better engagement overall. That means that taking a photo in front of your house outside, or a cool-looking fence, or some beautiful flowers, can all improve the quality of your post. Most people are thinking about whether they look good, but keep the background in mind, and your posts will improve immensely. 

3. Post regularly and consistently

The best way to establish yourself as a content creator is to create consistently. You have to post at least every few days. And when you post, be sure to post images of similar things - have a "theme." Do you like to post about your family or your pet? Just photos of yourself? Having consistency in subject matter can also be helpful in establishing your personal brand. Once you get in the swing of things, this will come more easily to you. 

With these few tips, you should be better in no time! 

Kate Edwards