Why Instagram Is a Great Place for Moms

When we started at Heartbeat, we focused on "millennials." What we came to discover was that the term "millennials" refers to so many different types of people. There isn't one "millennial," and that's a fact we absolutely love. 

One thing we've noticed is that, more and more, Instagram is becoming a place for moms to share their personal lives and identities. What used to just be the realm of Facebook has now migrated onto other platforms - even Snapchat - and moms are embracing social media like never before.

And it's not just about posting photos of their children. Millennial moms are strong and creative, and many make money as bloggers. Even those who don't blog are looking for ways to showcase their talents, and so Instagram becomes the natural next step. 

This means that we're now able to pay and reward moms to post on Instagram. We're essentially paying them to post about things they already genuinely love, and we're so proud to do it. For years, moms have been marketed to by huge brands, but those brands never asked moms for their opinions or help. Heartbeat can actually reach out directly to moms and engage in real conversations with them. Thanks to all of our Heartbeat moms out there! We're excited to be bringing you more campaigns soon. 

Kate Edwards