What It's Like to Be a Heartbeat Ambassador

So you want to be a Heartbeat ambassador but don't know where to begin? Here's a quick debrief on everything you need to know! 

How does this work exactly? 

We work with brands, products, and companies, who want to use our awesome network to help promote their products. When you sign up to be a Heartbeat ambassador, tell us more about what you'd be interested in posting about on Instagram or other social sites. We'll do our best to send you campaigns from brands you love. After you sign up, you'll get an email with all of the details about what to do, so make sure to check your email often and keep your interests up to date. 

Most campaigns include a simple task like posting about a new product or brand, and include specific hashtags to use and posting guidelines. Once you complete a campaign and submit your post to our system, you'll be paid within 3-5 days according to the payment preferences in your profile. 


Is this legit? 

We know, it sounds too good to be true! But we're entirely real - just ask the thousands of people we have paid! We’re a company who believes all people should be rewarded like celebrities for posting about things they love. Because why should Kylie Jenner get to make all of the money??We are a funded technology startup who is passionate about building tools to help empower real women. You can check us out on LinkedIn, or anywhere else for more details. You can even follow our co-founder @k8eddie so you know we're real people! Thanks for helping make it a possibility!

I Signed up. What's Next? 

You'll receive an email from stephanie@getheartbeat.co as soon as we have an offer ready for you! Make sure the emails aren't going to your spam folder. It takes about an hour to receive your first email. Those emails will have all of the details for the current campaigns we have running, and you can decide whether or not you want to participate. 

Do I have to participate in every campaign? 

Absolutely not! Our goal is to get you a bunch of campaigns you're actually excited about, but if you want to pass on any of them, that's 100% ok! We're here to reward you and help you - there are never any penalties for not participating. Let us know what you're interested in in your profile so we can do our best to get you the offers you love! 

How Do I Actually Get Paid? 

Your post must be live on your Instagram for 72 hours. You must also submit your post correctly to our system in order for us to track and pay you. Be sure to re-read the campaign emails to make sure you've followed all of the steps. We typically pay you within 3-5 days after the 72 hour time period, as long as your profile is updated with your Paypal or Venmo details. Make sure that payment information (including your email) is up to date by logging into your account and looking under "Payment Preferences." If you have't received payment after 7 days, please reach out and we'll make it right. 

Hope that's a great intro into what it's like to be an ambassador! If you have questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us at info@getheartbeat.co 

Kate Edwards