Ambassador Feature - Elizabeth R.

Here at Heartbeat, we love our ambassadors. They are smart, dynamic women with a lot to say. We're kicking off a new project - Ambassador Features! We're meeting some of our best ambassadors and profiling them, so you know who these amazing women are. Go follow them, and check out their accounts for examples of great posts. 



Instagram: elizabeth_rogan

What Heartbeat campaigns have you participated in? Lyfe Tea

What are your hobbies?

I'm an ex-ballerina! love photography and working with aesthetics, and travel is my number one passion. Taking adventures and collecting moments with the people I love the most is what makes me the happiest!

Are you currently a student?

I'm currently pursuing a double major with Marketing and Communications! School is my full time job but I'm always on the hunt for new opportunities and internships.

Tell us a few fun facts!

I danced at the Boston Ballet School for 15 years, I love football with a passion (I'm from New England so how could I not), I'm in love with going to new places and trying new things i.e. restaurants, hikes, surfing (and pretty much any other outdoor activity!)

Tell us about your city.

I live 15 minutes outside of Boston. I love how close I am to both the city and the beach. The North Shore is rich with culture and fun and there is never a boring day with my friends and myself! Whether it be a road trip to Cape Cod, brunch on Newbury Street, or just hanging out taking photos, we always find something fun to do. I love Boston more than anything not only because of its versatility with activity, but because Bostonians are the best people.

What will we see on your Instagram?

With my Instagram I try my best to promote a classic and fun lifestyle. I work really hard to make my account filled with content that inspires not only my followers but myself to continuously live your best life!

Thanks so much Elizabeth for being a Heartbeat ambassador! You're a rockstar, and we can't wait to follow you more.