Ambassador Feature - Jackie F.

Here at Heartbeat, we love our ambassadors. They are smart, dynamic women with a lot to say. We're kicking off a new project - Ambassador Features! We're meeting some of our best ambassadors and profiling them, so you know who these amazing women are. Go follow them, and check out their accounts for examples of great posts. 



Instagram: @jackiefischer

What Heartbeat campaigns have you participated in? VIVE, Laura Mercier 

Tell us about yourself.

I love to travel and try food from all over the world! I am a very outdoorsy person and enjoy trying new activities! I'm currently learning to surf. I also cycle almost every day, as I love to exercise every single day. Exercise and health are super important to me and every aspect of them in regards to their scientific background interests me.

What do you do for school/work?

I am currently getting my masters in public health and have a bachelors in science and bachelors in arts. I am currently a oncological fitness trainer and a Pilates instructor and love my jobs so much, as they fall into the category of something I am passionate about.

What city do you live in?

Los Angeles and I love the sunshine and being so close to the beach, no matter where I am in the city!

Tell us a few fun facts about you!

I was on let's make a deal with Wayne Brady and won an entire baking set (a stainless steel oven/stovetop and every baking supply you could imagine). I exercise every day, right after my morning coffee.

I love to live my life. I spend my free time with my friends, because they are my everything. I will always post about my travels around the world (I'm about to leave for Australia and New Zealand) and only post positive good vibe images!

Thanks so much Jackie for being a Heartbeat ambassador! You're a rockstar, and we can't wait to follow you more. Safe travels!