How to Drive Awareness with Instagram

Heartbeat technology enables brands to market their products in a number of ways, but one thing that businesses keep coming back for is driving brand awareness. Whether it's a new product launch or boosting the presence of an existing business, Heartbeat ambassadors are unparalleled at accomplishing massive reach. 

So, if you're looking to increase awareness for your brand or product, we can help! Here are a few tips to get started. 

1. Strong Content

It's important to have relevant, consistent content on your own Instagram page. You'll want to define a look-and-feel for your page, and build a strategy around how often you post and what types of content you use. Do you use videos or images? Do you always use the same filter? Does photography style matter? Creating content for Instagram can seem time-consuming, and you might not see the payoff right away, but trust us, you will! Instagram can often be the first touchpoint a customer has with your brand, so be sure to use your account wisely. And one more tip: If you do a marketing campaign with Heartbeat, you can use all of the content our incredible ambassadors create for you to populate your own Instagram account. It's like getting hundreds of pieces of great content right away. 


2. (The right) Hashtags

Everyone knows that hashtags can help people discover your brand. But what's even more important is using the appropriate hashtags for your industry. If you're a makeup brand, #mua (make-up artist for the uninitiated!) makes completed sense, but don't use this if your business has nothing to do with makeup. Chances are, you won't be reaching the right people anyway. Also, make sure to "bury" your hashtags. Include them in a second post, so they aren't in your main comments. Here's a quick article on how to do that. 


3. Posts from Customers

In an ideal world, everyone who loves your product would buy it, go home, and immediately post about how much they love it. But unfortunately, not everyone knows how to do this, and bloggers who love your product might demand exorbitant compensation for doing just that. Heartbeat bridges that gap. With Heartbeat ambassadors, we connect brands directly with real women who genuinely love them, or are excited to discover them, essentially bringing you directly in contact with your biggest brand loyalists. Plus, we make that process easy and worry-free. 


Looking to achieve massive reach and engagement? Heartbeat is here to help. Email to learn more about working with us as a brand.