Heartbeat's First Ambassador Referral!!


Hey Heartbeat Ambassadors!

We are beyond excited to announce the FIRST partner campaign referral from one of our very own Heartbeat Ambassadors! Congrats to Gerlie Pototan for referring our new partner Lark Skin Co.

For her successful referral Gerlie received a $100 bonus for her referral. Keep up the amazing work, Gerlie, and keep an eye out for the campaign at #hbtlark!.

Do you know a businesses you think might want to partner with us? Below are the 3 easy steps to start earning those $100 bonuses!

Step 1

Identify a brand or company you think would be a great fit for Heartbeat. If you're seeing an Instagram or Facebook ad for them, they probably like you, so always a great place to start!

Step 2

Send them a message (email, LinkedIn message, or DM on Insta or FB work great!). Make sure to mention your HB registered email address.

Step 3

When that brand partner runs their first campaign with us, we'll give you $100!!


The Heartbeat Team

Photo attributed to Lark Skin Co.