Los Angeles According to Moira


Hi Heartbeat Babes!

I'm Moira, my job is to manage this awesome community of Heartbeat Ambassadors. This means I do everything from emailing you all campaigns to posting goofy Insta stories and shooting #content on the streets of LA. 

I moved here from Texas 5 months ago, so still figuring out the whole "driving in LA without getting stuck in traffic for 2 hours" thing. But through my (mis)adventures, I've stumbled on some of my favorite spots. 


1. Griffith Park

Los Feliz


This is 100% biased because I live just below the park but the Observatory is one of my favorite spots anytime of day in LA. For hiking, working out, or taking a picnic lunch- this park is number one in my eyes!


I figured putting all of Abbott Kinney would be cheating in this exercise so I'm only including one store, but you really should walk the whole block. Burro is right across from Salt & Straw and has the cutest selection of books, artwork, home goods and accessories. My favorite thing to buy is greeting cards- I love sending notes to friends and family on quirky cards, but I also like to buy several in a color scheme and use them as art in my room #brokelifehack!

thai food

2. Night + Market



3. Burro

Venice Beach


There are so many great beaches in LA, but my personal favorite is Matador in Malibu. Drive up the PCH, park along the street and make your way down the cliffside stairs. You'll be rewarded with gorgeous views, tide pools and rocks for exploring. When you're done with the beach head to Malibu Seafood for the daily catch- it's the perfect Saturday in LA!


I just screamed in the office because I discovered Night + Market is opening in Venice while researching this blog post. As American icon Hillary Duff once said, "Hey now, hey now, this is what dreams are made of!" The best Thai food you can get without a trip to Thailand- be ready to wait, especially on a weekend, but the atmosphere is so bright and fun, you won't mind at all!

fluffy head

4. Little Fluffy Head



5. El Matador Beach



Again, a little biased because I went here for a campaign, but I love Boba and this place is the cutest little boba shop. It's right next to the fashion district, and very instagrammable. The staff is so sweet and so are their variety of drinks - especially the famed Cheese Tea! Don't knock it until you've tried it!

Kate Edwards