Getting into Campaigns: The Essentials

Want to get into campaigns? Without boring you with specifics, our technology looks for 3 things when picking Ambassadors for campaigns:

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The first and most important aspect we look at when selecting for campaigns is content. You don’t need to have fancy clothes or ring lights, but businesses want you to have:

  • Well-lit photos

  • A variety of subjects (not just selfies!)

  • No Snapchat filters

When you do a Heartbeat campaign you represent both Heartbeat and the business, so make sure your feed is a good representation of a company. Keep it free from an excessive amount of drug, alcohol, and sexual content.


Brand Fit

As hard as we try to find the perfect campaign for you, companies also want to find the Ambassadors that connect with that campaign. You may love a fitness campaign, but if you're going through a beauty kick and your feed is 100% beauty products then you may not look like the right fit.

The good news is we work with so many different brands, you are bound to get a campaign that fits your niche!



When businesses send you a free product it's because we trust that you are going to do what you promised: complete your post on time, and as instructed. If we see that you’ve ghosted on a previous campaign (aka received product and didn’t make a post) you will be much less likely to get another one.


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