What Makes an Awesome Campaign Post?


A High Quality Photo

Check out our articles under the #instagram tag to see more tips and tricks for taking and editing photos!


An Authentic Caption

An awesome Ambassador caption does 4 things:

  1. References the product/service

  2. Includes a Call to Action (CTA)

  3. Consists of original and authentic words (no copy pasting what other people have said!)

  4. Includes all relevant campaign #hashtags

When you're writing your caption think about what makes the product/service standout to you. Put yourself in your follower's shoes: if you were scrolling through your Instagram feed, what would appeal to you about it?


- "This lip balm has the prettiest rose color!"

-"These jeans are seriously comfortable enough to sleep in. Game changing."


A Clear Call to Action

A Call to Action is what drives your followers to do something. It’s part of how we calculate your engagement rate!

Typical Calls to Action include:

  • “Check out the link in my bio to get yours for 15% off”

  • “What’s in your makeup bag that you can’t live without? Let me know in the comments!”

  • “Comment if you’re from New York, you have to try this restaurant”

  • “Swipe up to shop”



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