Heartbeat Lingo


What is Engagement?

Engagement is a measure of interaction with your account and posts. High engagement indicates great content and loyal followers! To calculate:

(Likes + Comments)/ Number of Followers

Why does Engagement Matter?

Engagement gives brands an idea of how many potential customers they have reached.


How to Increase Your Engagement

  • Remove any fake followers/followers who don’t like your posts

  • Post more frequently (2x week)

  • Be active on the platform- spread the love to other ambassadors and they will show love back


What is Ghosting?

If you are selected for a campaign and opt not to post you’re a ghost.

Why does Ghosting Matter?

If you ghost on a campaign, we won't give you another campaign. Ever. 

Type of Emails

What is the Application Email?

The email we send to announce a new Campaign is available to apply for on the Discover feed.

What is the Creative Brief Email?

The email we send when you're approved for a campaign. This email includes instructions for the type of photo the brand needs, the required hashtags and the deadline.



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