How do Campaigns Work?

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Based on the information you provide in your Heartbeat Profile (Dashboard > Heartbeat Profile), we will connect you with campaigns we think you’ll love. You can find them two places: 

  1. An Application Email (we won't spam you, pinky swear) with a link to apply, or

  2. Your Discover section in the app includes Campaign Cards with link.

Receiving the Application Email does not guarantee you’ll be accepted into the campaign - it’s just telling us that you’re interested. You're not required to apply to every campaign you're eligible for. If you're not into it just disregard the email and wait for something you like!

If you're applying to campaigns but not being accepted, check out our How to Get into More Campaigns article.

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Sit back and relax while our technology looks at everyone who applied.  

A Heartbeat team member will then double-check that everyone who is accepted is a real person and not three children wearing a trench coat. 

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Once you've been accepted into a campaign you'll be sent an Instructions email. This will include details such as:

  • The goal of the campaign

  • The Must Haves:

    • How to style the photo

    • How to caption the photo

    • Hashtags to include

    • @ Tags to include

    • Your Instagram bio/Pulse link

  • The posting deadline

  • The “Submit Post” button

    • Note: this is how we record your post, so make sure you submit!

Just follow the instructions and post your photo before the specified deadline.  Make sure your Instagram bio includes your Pulse Link. See our What’s a Pulse Link article for more info!

Click the Submit Post button at the bottom of the Instructions email or on your Heartbeat Dashboard.


Get Paid

(if a Paid Campaign)

You'll get an email 72 hours after your post was submitted when your payment is ready to be redeemed. Once you redeem the payment, it will appear in your PayPal account.


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