What's a Pulse Link?


Your Heartbeat Pulse Link tells us how many people are interested in buying or downloading what you’re promoting. It's super important! That’s why we require it to be in the website section of your Instagram bio when you post for a campaign.

To put your Pulse Link in your Insta bio, first go to your Instagram Profile and click “Edit Profile”. Scroll to the Website section, and paste your pulse link. You can find your link on your Heartbeat Dashboard, or use the following format: http://hrbt.io/pulse/YourInstagramUsername

Just remember your Heartbeat Pulse link is different from your Referral Link! If you’re not running any campaigns at the moment, we recommend changing the link in your bio to your Heartbeat Referral Link to get people to sign up and earn you money! To learn more about your Heartbeat Referral Link check out this article on HBU.

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