How to Refer a Business to Heartbeat


(and what's in it for you)

Do you know a business you absolutely love? We want to work with them! Let them know about what we do here at Heartbeat and you can earn extra cash!

There are a lot of ways to reach out to businesses: email, LinkedIn, Instagram DMs, Facebook Messages, In-Person, etc. When that businesses runs its first campaign with us, we'll give you $100!

What to Say When Contacting Brands

Just copy and paste this into an email or whichever method you use to contact:



I am a member of Heartbeat, and I know the 200,000+ people enrolled on the platform would love to promote you on their Instagram accounts. Heartbeat connects businesses with their consumers in highly organized UGC campaigns and consumer insight portal.  

I definitely think you should take a quick tour of their site, and if you're interested shoot an email to and make sure you mention [INSERT YOUR NAME].

Thanks again,



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