How to Take the Perfect Flatlay

Flat lay photos are a great way to show off a product in an artsy and distinctive way! We’ve listed out the keys to perfecting the flat lay.

Choose the Perfect Background 
A simple white background never fails, but bright colors or a marble cutting board can work too! Just make sure that the color of your product and the color of the background don’t clash in the photo. Try picking complimentary colors.

Spacing is Key
You want the objects in your photo to be spaced out perfectly and neatly. Adding space between products makes them pop and grabs a viewer’s attention. Don’t leave too much space; you want the layout to appear natural yet organized. If you leave too much space between objects, it will look unnatural and unpleasing to the eye. Find the happy medium.

Have Other Objects
Other objects can be a great way to add an extra pop to your photo. Just make sure you don’t add too many that it takes away from the photo! Here are some suggestions for great other accessories to add to your photos:

  • Sunglasses

  • Flowers or Plants

  • Cute Mugs

  • Books or Magazines

  • Food

  • Patterned Notebooks

  • Jewelry or Watch

  • Upside-Down Phone (Displaying your Case)

  • Wallet or Purse

  • Keychain

  • Laptop

  • Shoes

  • Folded Clothes

📸:  raquelsalles  for Caulipower

📸: raquelsalles for Caulipower

📸:  pricklyfresh  for Winc

📸: pricklyfresh for Winc

Taking the Photo
Position your camera over all of your objects, aligning the phone perfectly with the flat surface. Try not to tip the phone at all and hold still while taking the photo. 

Place your accessories on your bed, the floor,  a cute rug, or another flat surface. This will let you take the photo from standing above it. It will be much easier to hold the phone directly over the objects you've assembled.

Always keep in mind what you’re promoting! If you’re promoting a healthy lifestyle related product, maybe include an açaí bowl and sneakers to emphasize a healthy lifestyle. The options are endless, so be creative!


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