What do we look for in an Ambassador's Instagram?


We review your entire Instagram account. Some of the main things we look for are:

  • How much they comment/like what you post (because fake followers don't interact)

  • How many people follow you


Account Green Lights

  • High-Quality photos

  • Variety of things you see and love

  • Appropriate captions and hashtags

  • You being your authentic self!

  • Few Snapchat filters, selfies, or heavily filtered photos

  • Nothing inappropriate or explicit



Account Red Flags

  • Low-Quality photos

  • Only posting promotions or a single topic

  • #hashtag #every #single #thing #in #the #photo

  • Aggressively facetuning or photoshopping yourself

  • Too many selfies or Snapchat filters

  • Explicit content or excessive drugs, alcohol, or violence


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